Economic Justice


The Economic Justice Team initially launched in June of 2014 with over 20 partners at the table. The Team decided to focus on three priority changes outlined in the community-developed Health Richmond logic model which included:

  • Residents build their capacity and financial stability, and take advantage of employment and other economic opportunities;
  • Create an employment and business environment that brings growth and economic vitality to the region;
  • Residents have coordinated, integrated programs that build family economic stability, employment potential and innovative economic alternatives.

Our current Economic Justice Team strategizes campaigns that focus on the implementation of City Race Equity Plan (housing, economic development, workforce, land use, etc.) and how it is influencing how city departments partner with residents that have been historically marginalized. The Team is also working in partnership with the Contra Costa Health Career Pathway Partnership and local academic institutions to support pathways for Contra Costa residents (and particularly disadvantaged populations) to gain access to health sector jobs that provide sustainable wages and opportunities for advancement.


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In 2020, the City of Richmond committed to a Race Equity Plan. The plan has several goals, including shifting City department governance to a “Community Ownership model,” which fosters participatory democracy and equity through resident-driven decision-making. Healthy Contra Costa held a series of Community Buzz Cafés to generate ideas for how to advance the plan in 2023. Now we are ready to partner with the City to integrate community knowledge into the plan and move it toward full implementation.

Our Economic Justice Action Team is launching our current campaign to center community voice and leadership in the Race Equity Plan’s implementation.

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Come Join our Economic Justice Meetings the Fourth Thursday of every month at 10:00 am! We will connect you to our campaign activities. Here is the Zoom link:


Here’s some of our current partners!

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