Partner Coalitions

There are many organizations in our network and partnership that are leading their own collaborative campaigns. Although the Healthy Richmond staff doesn’t lead these Coalitions, their goals and values align directly with ours, and we play an active role to support lead organizations and leverage partnerships to move our collective goals forward.

Contra Costa County Racial Justice Coalition (CCCRJC)

This initiative was launched in 2017 by Safe Return Project and ACCE as a broad coalition of organizations and individuals committed to eliminating racial inequities in Contra Costa County.

Goals of the campaign are to:

  • Decriminalize people of color and reduce jail population
  • Fully incorporate community members into society
  • Invest in safety net and community services

The foundation of this campaign is civic participation. Divestment in communities of color and policies that prioritize criminalization and incarceration have led to widespread disenfranchisement of Black and Brown communities. Those who have been most harmed by shackles, walls, and jails must be empowered to shape solutions for their communities

IYC The Invest in Youth Coalition

IYC is a citywide coalition of youth, individuals, community based organizations and funders working to make Richmond a youth, young adult and family friendly city. The Coalition aims to: Identify and agree on priorities for youth and young adults in Richmond; Secure a fund that serves the explicit needs of children and youth in the City of Richmond as outlined by a Children’s Budget:
Richmond Fund for Children and Youth; (this is the priority for 2016) and Create opportunities for young people to influence decision-makers on the needs and priorities of children and youth in the City of Richmond. Partners: RYSE Center, Community Health for Asian Americans, The Ed Fund, East Bay Center for the Performing Arts, Healthy Richmond, Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN), Youth Enrichment Strategies, Education Matters, Mindful Life Project, Funding the Next Generation, Pogo Park, Building Blocks for Kids. Additional Endorsers: Supervisor John Gioia, Urban Tilth, California School-Based Health Alliance, Students for Education Reform, Shields-Reid Residents Neighborhood Council, Teachers 4 Social Justice, CBE Action. 

The Department and Fund for Children and Youth was created in order to provide a sustainable funding stream for youth-serving organizations in Richmond and North Richmond. This will be done by providing grant funding to various organizations serving Richmond and North Richmond youth under the age of 24. The first grants will be distributed by July 2021.

The Department of Children and Youth has appointed youth and parent leaders to the Richmond Fund for Children and Youth Oversight Board. This 15-person Oversight Board will guide the development of a community needs assessment, a strategic investment plan, and the allocation of funds for chosen youth-serving organizations.

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