The foundation for changing the effectiveness of the healthcare system is residents taking responsibility and control over their health and wellness. This starts with residents understanding their alternatives for health care access and coverage, adopting wellness and prevention practices for managing health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, etc., and taking advantage of health care coverage and insurance and establishing a health home. Residents must also transform this awareness into action by becoming advocates for creating more equitable and just health care in Richmond. Residents must have greater involvement and leadership in determining their health care and the programs and institutions needed by the community.

Health is vital to everyone, but access to an affordable and quality health care has not been the same for everyone. Richmond has always had to fight overcome health disparities, from high rates of asthma to lack of emergency rooms.The Access to Quality Healthcare Action Team is a group of partner organizations, health providers, and resident leaders advocating for the expansion of health services and reduction of barriers to access care across systems for all residents of Contra Costa County regardless of immigration status, race, identify, or income.While there have been many advancement to medicine and health services, there are still many layers of instability and accessibility that keep many Richmond Residents from thriving.


  1. The #OneContraCosta Coalition — is made up of local advocacy, community-based, faith-based organizations and resident leaders– urges the policymakers in Contra Costa County to expand access to comprehensive, quality, and timely healthcare for all CCC residents regardless of income, immigration status, background, gender and/or age. Over the last 7 years, this Coalition has advocated for funding for the Contra Costa Cares health program provided by a network of Community Health Clinics (La Clinica de la Raza, LifeLong Medical Care and Brigher Beginnings/Rota Care) serves 4,4000 immigrant adults who are undocumented. Our Coalition further strives to reintegrate immigrants who are undocmented back into the county health system.
  2. Health Equity  Learning Community: Resident advocates and experts Community Health Advocates (CHAs) lead advocacy efforts to design a cross system (Kaiser Permanente, Richmond facility, Contra Costa Health Services and LifeLong Medical Care) health equity strategies to reduce structural barriers for our residents in accessing care. Also, a messaging team is working on communications strategies that are relevant to our community members.
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