About Youth Power

The overarching commitment of the Healthy Richmond initiative is to build youth engagement and leadership at all levels — real change in Richmond will not occur without the active participation of youth as full partners in planning and implementation of systems change strategies. This started with concerted outreach to youth and young adults, but will only be realized in the implementation work of Healthy Richmond if youth remain active partners and assume leadership.    

There is still a lot of work to expand Youth and Children services, programs, and opportunities. We are fortunate to have many youth-serving partner organizations help steer the initiative, and here are just a few that continue to work closely with Healthy Richmond:

YES Nature to Neighborhoods

For more information, please visit our website:  http://www.yesfamilies.org

East Bay Center for the Performing Arts (EBCPA)

East Bay Center’s Student Leadership Council is a student group that meets monthly to discuss creative ways to engage and uplift the Richmond community. All Leadership Council students are a part of the Center’s Young Artist Diploma Program, a 6 year intensive performing arts program for youth ages 11-18.  As a part of the Council, students build leadership skills with a foundation in civic engagement, and work to identify and provide solutions to common concerns/issues in their community. Leadership students develop individual agency and self-determination by participating in East Bay Center Board presentations, community advocacy events, fundraisers, and other enriching educational opportunities.

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